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It’s alive! The Western Balkans sanctions program gets a new Executive Order

So, the E.O. is both interesting and unremarkable. The actual designation authorities are unremarkable – stuff like undermining/obstructing democratic processes and institutions (and specifically mentioning obstructing implementation of various regional security or peace agreements), corruption, and human rights abuses. Good read, but unremarkable. But, Mr. Watchlist finds the preamble, which […]

Searching for Executive Order 14024?

It’s not where I thought it would be – under the Ukraine/Russia-related sanctions program. They made a new “Russian Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions” program. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher – why not fold all the “Russia is a bad actor” stuff into one program? Obviously, Mr. Watchlist will now […]

Hot off the presses!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink, the latest episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation, is all about today’s Executive Order and Treasury’s Directive. A massive E.O., to be sure, but I like how it put everything together in one piece. Hope you like it! Ratings and reviews always appreciated!