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You don’t have to be a member…

The EU today announced that the following countries will also abide by its strengthened sanctions against North Korea enacted on February 18th: Croatia Macedonia Montenegro Iceland Serbia Albania Liechtenstein Norway Moldova Armenia Mr. Watchlist may have missed a few – the language is a little flowery (there are references to […]

EU publishes sanctions factsheet

Today, the EU issued a 3-page factsheet on its sanction regime. Nice summary – here are some highlights: EU sanctions are not punitive, but designed to bring about a change in policy or activity by the target country, entities or individuals. Measures are therefore always targeted at such policies or […]

Stronger EU sanctions on North Korea

Monday, the EU made the following changes to its sanctions on North Korea: Adopted the additional sanctions in UN Resolution 2087. This includes an increase in the number of listed persons (26) and entities (33) subject to travel bans and asset freezes. Banned the export and import of components key […]

HMT: Our Turn!

On Friday (while I was wending my way back to the airport from a client engagement), Her Majesty’s Treasury, on the heels of the EU changing its regulations – which was on the heels on a change to the UN sanctions – removed 3 individuals from its Afghan sanctions list: […]

Merry Olde Iranian Sanctions updated

Two releases today from across the pond: On the heels of last week’s updates to EU regulations based on UN updates to the Iranian program, the first notice from Her Majesty’s Treasury has updated their list of sanctioned entities. One individual and 18 entities were added, 2 were removed and […]