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About the new OFSI General License…

When I first got notice of the General License INT/2020/059 issued under the UK’s The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019, I thought “oh, wow! Something new and novel.” And, don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot to like in it, like the prior notification and reporting requirements. But […]

EU. OFSI remove Rafidain Bank from Iraq sanctions

UK regulators have removed: RAFIDAIN BANK a.k.a: Al-Rafidain Bank Address: Rashid Street, Baghdad, Iraq. Other Information: State owned bank. Branches abroad in the United Kingdom, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Sudan and Egypt. London branch of Rafidain Bank is in provisional liquidation. Funds or financial assets or economic resources received […]

EU, OFSI add 36 to Belarus sanctions

As per Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/2129, UK regulators added the following people: 1. AZIEI, Aleh Heorhievich DOB: 01/01/1979. POB: Minsk Oblast, former USSR (now Belarus) a.k.a: KARAZEI, Oleg, Georgevich Position: Head of the Prevention Department of the Main Department of Law Enforcement and Prevention of the Public Security Police […]

EU, OFSI update Thomas Lubanga DRC listing

UK regulators today updated the following Democratic Republic of the Congo sanctions individual listing: LUBANGA, Thomas POB: Ituri, DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo Nationality: Congolese Democratic Republic of the Congo Address: Democratic Republic of the Congo (in Prison). Other Information: UN Ref: CDi.007. Former President of the UPC/L. Convicted […]

EU extends Russia sanctions for yet another half-year….

Russia: The EU prolongs economic sanctions for another six months The Council today decided to prolong the restrictive measures currently targeting specific sectors of the Russian economy until 31 July 2021. These sanctions were imposed in 2014 in response to Russia’s actions destabilising  the situation in Ukraine. The Council decision follows the latest assessment […]

EU, OFSI remove 1, amend 11 DRC sanctions listings

UK regulators today implemented the elements of Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/2021 by removing the following person: KAIMBI, Delphin DOB: (1) 15/01/1969. (2) 15/07/1969. POB: Kiniezire/Goma, DRC a.k.a: (1) KAHIMBI, Delphin, Kasagwe (2) KAHIMI, Delphin, Kasagwe (3) KASANGWE, Delphin, Kahimbi (4) KASANGWE, Delphin, Kahimbi, Demba (5) KASANGWE, Delphin, Kayimbi, Demba […]

One more year of EU DRC sanctions

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Council extends sanctions for one year The Council decided to maintain individual restrictive measures against several personalities of the Democratic Republic of Congo until 12 December 2021, on the basis of an evaluation of the situation in the country. These persons were listed by the Council […]

EU, OFSI removes 12 from Iraq sanctions

As per Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/2003, UK regulators today removed the following individual: 1. AL-SALIH, Muhammad Mahdi DOB: (1) –/–/1947. (2) –/–/1949. POB: al-Anbar Governate, Iraq Nationality: Iraq Other Information: Minister of Trade 1987-2003. Chief, Presidential Office mid-1980s Listed on: 02/07/2003 Last Updated: 02/07/2003 09/12/2020 Group ID: 7595. and […]