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Aussies nab a baddie

On Wednesday, the Victoria Police (Victoria is an Australian state) arrested the following person (listed with all his aliases): CHICHAKLI, Richard Date of birth: 28 March 1959 United States Documentation / ID: United States passport No. 204843863, issued 14 June 2001, expired 13 June 2011 United States driving licence No. […]

How they do it Down Under

AUSTRAC, the Australian FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit, which is the governmental agency which investigates financial crimes) and AML/CTF regulator, has just sent out the January 2013 edition of its e-news Newsletter (which you can subscribe to here) with a whole raft of interesting information about Aussie banking regulation and enforcement. […]

Another one bit the dust (updated)

On Friday, the UN changed the listing for Badruddin Haqqani to note that he presumably died in August of this year. DFAT today updated their Consolidated List to note the change. Update: OSFI made the same change on New Year’s Eve. Note: Haqqani is not being removed from the list, […]

DFAT & UN changes

The United Nations modified one entity sanctioned under the Al-Qaida/Taliban terrorism program today. Links: UN Security Council Committee advice Note: the DFAT notice was received as an email with no associated document – the only link was to the UN release.