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Noises off!

Thanks to my listener Yoshi, who told me that the backing music I had added to the podcast while I spoke was distracting. So, I went back to other podcasts I listen to occasionally to hear what they did… and none of them use backing tracks. Oops. So, it’s gone […]

Last Minute Reprieve

New episode of Mr, Watchlist’s DesigNation is now out – Last Minute Reprieve. It’s about the Chinese Military Companies General License issued late Friday, what it does, why it was issued and how OFAC might clean up the mess they made when they issued FAQ 864. Oh, and yes… that […]

One last episode for 2020…

How the Sausage Gets Made looks at the new NS-CCMC List published Monday by OFAC as an example of how, when they are new and different from the vast majority of sanctions programs, OFAC has to course correct and fill in some of the blanks left by Executive Orders, legislation […]

Did you open your presents?

Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation has a bunch of them for you, in our end of year episode Opening the Presents. I actually released it yesterday, but you know, my being under the weather and all… It’s a bit of ephemera… just a fun way to do a recap of all the […]