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The Art of (Economic) War

My new article, Gaming Out Sanctions Risk, was published today on It’s also now on my Publications page. It was a slog to write (pretty dense subject), but I think it’s a good topic. Oh, what is that topic? Adapting the war gaming model to anticipate and plan responses […]

What about a SHTA for North Korea?

That’s the subject of my new article for Regulation Asia – Humanitarian Trade with North Korea: A Matter of Trust. It’s not just finding a government that will provide a clearinghouse for the transactions and the associated due diligence and reporting – it’s navigating the geopolitics, too. Let me know […]

Sanctions in the age of pandemic…

See my new article Are Sanctions Cruel? over at KYC360 – it’s about the current brouhaha over relaxing sanctions because sanctioned countries are apparently having difficulties receiving aid – and the available humanitarian mechanisms provided under US sanctions regulations. Hint: it’s more complicated than that.

I do have a day job, you know…

So, I wrote (for our brand spanking-new blog) about the US’ Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and why it favored larger firms. Also, maybe how it could be fixed for the next round of funding. Given that Shake Shack felt guilty about their $10MM and returned it (since they were able […]