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One hull of a ship!

Ships are often identified by one of two identifiers: their call sign (aka call name, call letters, call signal, or call) and their IMO number. A vessel may have one, both or neither of these – but the vessels on the OFAC SDN list will have both. IMO numbers are […]

And the bottom line is…

So, what happens if a economic sanctions list violation happens? Well, in OFAC’s case, it’s pretty clear: they investigate and evaluate (based on the General Factors in their Enforcement Guidelines, and then take one of a number of actions: No Action – really! If there is insufficient evidence that a […]

A is for Algorithm

So, how do we actually match our data to the watchlist data? There are two components to this, really: the mechanism by which we match, and what we actually match against. The matching mechanism is, ultimately, boiled down to some flavor of text search and matching technology. In broad strokes, […]

Events Calendar added

New page on Mr. Watchlist – a list of upcoming events. For now, it has all the ACAMS conferences for 2013, as well as the ABA/ABA Money Laundering Enforcement Conference, the ACFCS conference, and the annual SIFMA conference. As I come to know of other conferences, seminars and webinars, I’ll […]

Watch you talkin’ about, Willis?

Time for the most basic of basics: what are watchlists and why do people use them? Watchlists are lists of people, places and things that could expose companies and other organizations to elevated financial, reputational and/or regulatory risk. Some lists are issued by official bodies, while others are assembled by […]