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Mr. Watchlist quoted in Compliance Week!

Saw this today – it’s more AML-focused than sanctions-focused, but it comes from a 15-minute interview I did last week for them. Yes, they misquoted me (it should be obvious) slightly, but we’ve asked that it gets fixed. Clearly, “countries” regulate, not “companies”… BTW, Compliance Week has a paywall – you […]

Resource Corner: How SWIFT are you?

Mr Watchlist’s “day job” firm has a partnership with SWIFT and they have a useful resource for those who want notification of list changes. You can subscribe to receive automated alerts for OFAC, DFAT, OSFI, SECO, BIS, UN and HMT – and one or two I haven’t been tracking. It […]

OFSI (not OSFI) discovers blogging!

Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation   OFSI launches blog        Today, OFSI launches a new blog to raise awareness of financial sanctions. If you’d like to know more about how we implement financial sanctions, please visit our blog page and follow us for regular updates.  Our initial posts include […]

New article on KYC360

Just went up today – it’s about a recent report from the Insitute for Science and International Security (ISIS – no kidding!) that shows that 49 countries violated the UN sanctions against North Korea, either due to poor export control regulations or due to actively cooperating with the DPRK. The […]

For those of you who read Bobsguide…

Mr. Watchlist’s alter ego has an article in today’s issue. It talks about how the Pareto Principle can apply to risk and compliance activities. Hope you enjoy it – please provide feedback in the comments thread here, or on my LinkedIn feed. Thanks! P.S. They changed the title – originally, […]

They’re back!

The excellent English language pages on the Swedish government website that explains each EU sanctions program in brief – they got moved and re-made, but they’re back. Still awesome, basic descriptions of the various restrictions, plus links to all relevant EU decisions and regulations – and links to the relevant […]

Notice to Exporters 2016/11: Read our blog!

Notice to Exporters 2016/11: Read our blog on replacing SPIRE 8 April 2016    As part of replacing SPIRE with the new import export licensing service, it is very important that we hear your feedback on our assumptions, designs and prototypes. We are publishing our thoughts on our blog on The aim is […]