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Exporters, take the weekend off (part of it, anyway)

Please note that SPIRE, the Export Control Organisation’s online export licensing service, will be off line this Saturday 21 January for urgent maintenance.  Work will start at 7am on Saturday and should be finished by 12 noon on that day. SPIRE will be unavailable during this time.  And a date for your diary: The 2017 Export Control […]

Notice to Exporters 2016/23: SPIRE website and email addresses updated

Some aspects of Spire, the Export Control Organisation’s (ECO’s) online export licensing system, have been amended to reflect the fact that ECO is now part of the Department for International Trade, which was created on 14 July 2016. The following website addresses are now live: (Spire home page) (ECO reports and […]

SPIRE Replacement Update from ECO

Read about the latest progress on developing the SPIRE replacement service on the Import and Export Licensing blog. Our old friend the prototype is being semi-retired, while the development team are hard at work building the full service that will eventually go live online. Read more at Semi-retiring the prototype. Don’t forget […]

Notice to Exporters 2016/11: Read our blog!

Notice to Exporters 2016/11: Read our blog on replacing SPIRE 8 April 2016    As part of replacing SPIRE with the new import export licensing service, it is very important that we hear your feedback on our assumptions, designs and prototypes. We are publishing our thoughts on our blog on The aim is […]

July 2, 2015: Notice to Exporters 2015/19

Starting Wednesday, July 8th, exporters in the UK applying for a SIEL (Standard Individual Export Licenses) or a SITCL (Standard Individual Trade Control License) using the SPIRE online system will need to provide additional information. Currently, they have to specify if the person or entity receiving the goods is a […]