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December 15, 2016: BIS adds 7 to Entity List

On December 15th, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) added the following 7 entities, all associated with Pakistan:  (1) Ahad International, Suite #5–6, 2nd Floor, Empress Tower, Empress Road, Lahore- 54000, Pakistan; and 11–12–13, 2nd Floor, Nomro Center, Badami Bagh, Lahore, Pakistan; (2) Air Weapons Complex (AWC), AWC: E–5, […]

What is the BIS Entity List?

From a recent Federal Register notice: The Entity List (Supplement No. 4 to part 744) identifies entities and other persons reasonably believed to be involved, or to pose a significant risk of being or becoming involved, in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States. […]