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Things to Ponder as we start June

As you may know, at my day job (which gives me the financial ability to do this), I write commentary for a weekly sanctions newsletter call Sanctions Insight. And every day I look at the news stories that come in regarding sanctions-related actions and reactions for OFAC, EU and UK […]

Mock Trial: What to do with China?

In case you haven’t seen this story in the South China Morning Post… The big question is, if sanctions aren’t going to be effective (and this round undoubtedly will not be), what will? Would like to hear your thoughts here… I will share some of mine for starters: You can’t […]

Random thought of the Day: Executive Order 13894

The bulk of OFAC’s June 17th designations bore the program tag [SYRIA-E.O.13894]. This Executive Order is the only one issued under the “Syria-related” sanctions program. This Executive Order allows the designation of people belonging to the Turkish government, any subdivision of it, or anyone determined to be: (A) to be […]

Those pesky Iranian tankers…

So, five oil tankers are steaming to Venezuela from Iran, with the U.S. determined to stop them, and Iran telling they darn well better not, or else. So, what really are the US’ options, and what might be the consequences? So, let’s start with the United Nations sanctions on North […]