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Who does what

Determining which staff members can perform which functions, and can access which pieces of data, and can do what with them, can be an art or a science – and that largely depends on the capabilities of the solutions you choose. Of course, this is a very generic statement – […]

Set phasers (not) to stun!

A lot of this seems daunting, doesn’t it? So many possible lists, system settings to consider… and so much work to process Day 1. Seems a little nuts to me… Well, even if you’re facing down the loaded end of a C&D (cease and desist), one doesn’t have to implement […]

Bad puppy!

Well, I mentioned in my previous post that I would deal with the problems I see with the “refer back to lower-level staff” workflow step separately. Well, this here is where I’m going to deal with it. The problem, to my mind, is the “puppy peeing on the carpet” problem. […]

Imagine a rectangle…

It’s a useful way to look at, and design, your business processes and workflows for reviewing potential matches to watchlists, really. From left to right, you have a number of workflows, segregated out by the ways it makes sense for you to run your business. There are a lot of […]

The delicate balance of watchlist screening

Balance? What’s balance? Balance between the costs of compliance and the potential costs of non-compliance, of course. But, but, but… doesn’t OFAC sputter about its “strict liability” policy? Sure, but they also have their Enforcement Guidelines, which informs how they determine how hard to slap a firm’s wrists, if at […]