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November 23, 2015: Technical OFAC Announcement

Technical Announcement Regarding the Download of OFAC’s SDN and Consolidated List Files 11/23/2015 ​ ​In response to a necessary security upgrade, users of OFAC's SDN and Consolidated List may need to update previously automated file download procedures. Please see the following technical announcement for more details. Links: OFAC Notice Technical […]

OFAC’s FAQ on Weak Aliases

122. What are weak aliases (AKAs)? A “weak AKA” is a term for a relatively broad or generic alias that may generate a large volume of false hits. Weak AKAs include nicknames, noms-de-guerre, and unusually common acronyms. OFAC includes these AKAs because, based on information available to it, the sanctions […]

Private Lives

Watchlists are not just the stuff of regulation; they can also be how the firm institutes its own set of restrictions. The question is: can you incorporate your own internal lists into your other watchlist screening efforts, and what flexibility do you have in that regard? Questions to consider: Can […]

How hard do you look?

I have a mantra that I always use during training (and often on sales calls): we’re in the business of catching the stupid and unsophisticated (recently, I’ve added “greedy and impatient”). The truly smart bad guys will find ways around being found, whether it’s through use of aliases or associates […]

Time is of the essence

An essential question of any watchlist screening program is “when”, which actually comes in two flavors: When does the company’s data need to be screened? When do watchlists need to be updated? I could weasel out of both of these by saying “in a timely manner”, of course – and […]

Who does what

Determining which staff members can perform which functions, and can access which pieces of data, and can do what with them, can be an art or a science – and that largely depends on the capabilities of the solutions you choose. Of course, this is a very generic statement – […]