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Please withhold judgment…

… for the new episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation, entitled “Withholding Judgment”. Just dropping some basic knowledge about Withhold Release Orders (WROs) and Forced Labor Findings, which come out of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), part of the Department of Homeland Security. Less commentary than I usually do, but […]

November 23, 2015: Technical OFAC Announcement

Technical Announcement Regarding the Download of OFAC’s SDN and Consolidated List Files 11/23/2015 ​ ​In response to a necessary security upgrade, users of OFAC's SDN and Consolidated List may need to update previously automated file download procedures. Please see the following technical announcement for more details. Links: OFAC Notice Technical […]

OFAC’s FAQ on Weak Aliases

122. What are weak aliases (AKAs)? A “weak AKA” is a term for a relatively broad or generic alias that may generate a large volume of false hits. Weak AKAs include nicknames, noms-de-guerre, and unusually common acronyms. OFAC includes these AKAs because, based on information available to it, the sanctions […]