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New human trafficking info from FINTRAC

FINTRAC provides additional money laundering indicators associated with human trafficking for sexual exploitation in support of Project Protect On this World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, FINTRAC has published its latest Operational Alert, Updated Indicators: Laundering of proceeds from human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Following a strategic analysis of its financial […]

FINTRAC publishes indicators of online child sexual exploitation Operational Alert

Operational alert: Laundering of proceeds from online child sexual exploitation Reference: FINTRAC-2020-OA001 December 2020 Purpose The purpose of this Operational Alert is to support reporting entities in recognizing financial transactions suspected of being related to the laundering of funds associated to child sexual exploitation, particularly online child sexual exploitation. Through […]

Love is in the air: FINTRAC, AML & Romance Fraud

Operational alert: Laundering of the proceeds of romance fraud Issued in partnership with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Romance fraud involves perpetrators expressing false romantic intentions toward victims to gain and then take advantage of their trust and affection in order to access their cash, bank accounts and credit cards. The […]

July 18, 2018: FINTRAC Operational Alert on professional money laundering

Operational alert: Professional money laundering through trade and money services businesses Reference number: 18/19-SIDEL-025July 18, 2018 Professional money launderers are sophisticated actors who engage in large-scale money laundering on behalf of transnational organized crime groups such as drug cartels, motorcycle gangs and traditional organized crime organizations. Professional money launderers sell […]

Another perspective: FINTRAC Operational Alert on DPRK money laundering

Consider this an adjunct to OFAC’s shipping advisory… Operational alert: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s use of the international financial system for money laundering/terrorist financing FINTRAC-2017-OA001December 12, 2017 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s use of the international financial system for money laundering/terrorist financing. (PDF version, 247 KB) Operational Alerts provide up-to-date […]

December 22, 2016: FINTRAC Operational Alert denotes higher-risk currency exchanges

FINTRAC issued this Operational Alert highlighting currency exchanges in Da’esh-controlled territory, which makes them higher-risk for being abused for terrorist financing: Identification of higher risk Iraqi financial intermediaries The entities in Appendix A which have been flagged as higher risk foreign financial intermediaries were identified through the actions of the […]