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Didja miss me?

Mr. Watchlist’s on vacation, celebrating 29 lovely years with Mrs. W, so I’m running a little behind on stuff. As I get around to it, I will try to catch up somewhat during the week, but chances it will really have to wait until 17th (hopefully, after the Bird beat […]

Do the math…

Mr. Watchlist (the person) turns 63 today. That means I am triple the drinking age, so I guess I can have three beers after dinner? BTW, Mr. Watchlist (the blog) will turn 10 this fall. In blog years, I think that makes this little rag an old man, too…

Ow, ow, ow!

Uh… my daughter misread a recipe last night and used uncooked rice in a casserole instead of “ready to serve” (I didn’t know there was such a thing) and… I broke a tooth. So, let’s pray for no significant news until tomorrow. I’m sure the dentist visit will not be […]

Next Week: Vegas, baby!

Mr. Watchlist will be in Las Vegas (aka “Lost Wages”) for the ACAMS Fall Conference at the Aria. He’ll be spending at least some of his time at the Dow Jones booth – come by and say hi! You can also catch him Tuesday on the Adverse Media Screening panel […]