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On the road again…

Mr. Watchlist is over in the Asia Pacific region, speaking at a number of conferences. You won't see any real difference in blog content – I've built up some less-urgent items so you'll always a little somethin' somethin'… But, if you're in town, come see me – I'll be at […]

July 2, 2015: Notice to Exporters 2015/19

Starting Wednesday, July 8th, exporters in the UK applying for a SIEL (Standard Individual Export Licenses) or a SITCL (Standard Individual Trade Control License) using the SPIRE online system will need to provide additional information. Currently, they have to specify if the person or entity receiving the goods is a […]

Mr. Watchlist is cruising…

literally. I'm taking the week of July 6th off, and I'm not paying the ridiculous WiFi charges on-board. So, enjoy your week – I've got some content backed up that's not as time-critical as other stuff I post, so I won't totally be abandoning you.   Posted with Blogsy