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Daily Digest for Monday, July 12, 2021

HKMA Alert: Fraudulent Standard Chartered Bank websites and phishing instant messages Ah… last week’s OFSI Syria update has been found July 9, 2021: BIS adds 34 to Entity List – from China, Russia and Iran EU extends Ukraine-related sanctions for 6 more months Today’s OFSI updates: 2 changed Belarus listings, […]

Daily Digest for Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Finanstilsynet releases study of stockbroker AML risk assessments DFAT catches up to last week’s UN Iraq delisting SECO adds 85 to Belarus sanctions (and amends 1) FINTRAC fines Bureau de change Saint-Michel for not registering as an MSB HKMA Alert: Fraudulent Bank of China website and phishing instant message

Daily Digest for Friday-Monday, July 2-5

HKMA Alert: Fraudulent HSBC websites and phishing instant messages July 1, 2021: Something that missed my inbox: OFSI amends Kartapolov Russia listing OFAC adds 22 to Burma sanctions, removes 3 from Iran sanctions But, wait! There’s more: Commerce adds 4 Burmese entities to Entity List OFAC does its paperwork: no […]

Daily Digest for Thursday, July 1, 2021

HKMA Alert: Fraudulent Livi Bank websites, phishing emails and instant messages OFSI removes 1 from Iraq sanctions And the underlying change to Iraq sanctions: UN Security Council removes entity SECO also removes the Iraq entity SECO adds to Myanmar sanctions State Department releases list of corrupt and undemocratic Central American […]