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OFAC’s long weekend present: new North Korea, non-proliferation designations, narcotics removals, and a new version of Venezuela GL 8

OFAC has added the following person: JONG, Yong Nam, Minsk, Belarus; DOB 26 Jan 1966; nationality Korea, North; Gender Male; Secondary sanctions risk: North Korea Sanctions Regulations, sections 510.201 and 510.210; Transactions Prohibited For Persons Owned or Controlled By U.S. Financial Institutions: North Korea Sanctions Regulations section 510.214; Passport PS […]

Friday Update-a-Palooza!

314 entries amended on the consolidated list 314 entries have been amended under the Russia, Cyber, and Belarus financial sanctions regimes. On 27 May 2022 the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updated the UK Sanctions List on GOV.UK. This list provides details of those designated under regulations made under the Sanctions Act. 299 entries have been […]

Daily Digest for Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Florida woman pleads out for laundering over $700,000 in health care fraud HKMA Mobile App Alert: Bank of Singapore Scratch a terrorist and find Iran’s fingerprints… OFAC did SECO amends, removes Iran sanctions listings New version of OFAC’s Russia-related General License 13 Small change coming to Licenses page

Small change coming to Licenses page

We’ve had a spate of time-limited General Licenses recently under the Russian Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions recently, and it got Mr. Watchlist to thinking – that’s an important detail. So, starting today, as time-limited GLs get issued or updated, the listing on the Licenses page will denote the expiration date(s).