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HKMA Alert: Fraudulent Alipay Financial Services websites and phishing instant messages

14 Apr 2023

Website and Message Alert – Fraudulent websites and phishing messages related to Alipay Financial Services (HK) Limited

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) wishes to alert members of the public to a press release issued by Alipay Financial Services (HK) Limited relating to fraudulent websites and phishing messages.  The relevant stored value facility (SVF) licensee has reported the case to the HKMA. 

The fraudulent website links reported by the SVF licensee known at the time are as follows:

The HKMA wishes to remind the public that anyone who has provided his or her personal information or account credentials, or who has conducted any financial transactions, through or in response to the websites or messages concerned, should contact the relevant SVF licensee, and report to the Police or contact the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Police at 18222.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority
14 April 2023

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Press Release


HKMA Press Release

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