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FIAU Malta’s gonna have an AML training event…

Save the Date: Remote training session “AML Supervisory Examinations: What to Expect” – FIAU Malta 

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) would like to inform subject persons that a 3 hour remote training session: “AML Supervisory Examinations: What to Expect”, will be held on Tuesday, 30th May.

This session aims to provide subject persons with information on the supervisory examination process, why compliance examinations are conducted and how they take place. The session will delve into the different stages of compliance examinations, as well as advise on best practices to be adopted both during and after the examination, including enforcement processes and any action taken by the FIAU.

The session will also include an explanation on how the FIAU’s risk assessment process is managed through the CASPAR system.

Further details, including information on the registration and agenda, will be provided shortly.

FIAU Malta Notice

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