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SECO updates some counter terror listings


03 February 2023 

Financial sanction 


Updated sanctions report

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) has amended Annex 2 to the Ordinance of 2. October 2000 on measures against persons and organizations related to Usama bin Laden, the group “Al-Qaeda” or the Taliban (RS 946.203).

By decision of the 2nd February 2023, the competent UN Sanctions Committee amended the list of persons, companies and organizations sanctioned in this context. The change is directly applicable in Switzerland. SECO therefore has on the 3rd February 2023 adapted the sanction database SESAM (SECO Sanctions Management), which is relevant for Switzerland, and published the adaptation on its website.

In accordance with the provisions of the regulation, financial intermediaries are invited to implement the prohibitions, block the assets of the sanctioned persons and report the affected business relationships to SECO. The notification to SECO does not exempt a financial intermediary from making additional clarifications in accordance with Art. 6 AMLA in the event of suspicion and, if he cannot eliminate them, immediately report to the Money Laundering Reporting Office in accordance with Art. 9 AMLA.

FINMA Notice

And the updates:


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML

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