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State Department talks sanctions with gold diggers…

State Department Engages with Gold Industry to Discuss Sanctions



FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Yesterday, Ambassador James O’Brien, Head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination, led an interagency discussion with leading companies and associations across the gold sector.  The meeting focused on the importance of the gold industry’s robust implementation of Russia-focused sanctions and of applying broader due diligence standards, including to Russia-backed actors, such as the Wagner Group, around the globe.  The United States remains committed to imposing economic consequences on Russia for its unprovoked war in Ukraine and destabilizing activities across Africa.  The meeting also focused on the role gold plays in supporting other regimes of concern, including in Latin America and Africa, and illicit networks, as well as how the industry can mitigate the role of malign actors while also supporting economic development programs, with a focus on labor and human rights.

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U.S. State Department Press Release


State Department Press Release

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