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December 29, 2022: UK Haiti sanctions comes into force

UK launches Haiti sanctions

Today, the Haiti sanctions regime came into force, following the laying of the regulations on 7 December 2022. 

The Haiti Sanctions Regulations 2022 give effect to the United Kingdom’s international obligations resulting from UNSCR 2653 (2022). The regulations provide for asset freezes to be imposed on persons engaged in acts that that threaten the peace, security or stability of Haiti.

The following entry has been added under the Haiti financial sanctions regime and is now subject to an asset freeze:

  • Jimmy Cherizier (Group ID: 15704)

This follows an update to the UK Sanctions List on 28 September 2022, published by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, enacting the UN’s decision on 21 October 2022 to list one entry.

Furthermore, 1 entry has been amended and 1 entry has been corrected under the Russia financial sanctions regime and remain subject to an asset freeze. The Russia notice can be found here.


OFSI Notice

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