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Elon? Alone!

If the Bloomberg News reporting on changes to Twitter is accurate (apparently, this is showing up on multiple outlets, according to Mrs. Watchlist, who I trust to do the legwork), @MrWatchlist will be disappearing from Twitter. I’m sorry Elon may have overplayed his hand, and overpaid for the firm – but I’m not going to support taking a meat axe to staff (and apparently overburdening the remaining ones). You folks know where to find our posts…

We also cross-post to my Facebook and LinkedIn pages… they may also be social media hellscapes (to paraphrase the new Chief Twit), but … #NoEyeballsforAssholes.

I recently created a new profile for a new endeavor I’m starting, and that will go by the wayside too. There will definitely be other ways of promoting that.

I certainly will not miss the platform… Toodles, twits!

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