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Cheering from the sidelines: Central African Republic trial

Opening of the Trial of Former Séléka Commander for Atrocity Crimes in the Central African Republic



SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

The United States welcomes the opening of trial proceedings at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the prosecution of Mahamat Said Abdel Kani, a former Séléka commander in the Central African Republic (CAR). This case marks the first Séléka-rebel defendant to face charges at the ICC for atrocities committed against civilians in CAR.

Amidst ongoing armed violence in the Central African Republic, the opening of these proceedings affirms the unwavering importance of justice. This trial at the ICC complements the vital parallel proceedings in CAR, including in domestic courts and the Special Criminal Court. The United States is committed to promoting accountability for war crimes and human rights violations and the end of impunity, which is foundational to lasting peace in the country and region.


State Department Press Release

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