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OFSI updates Russia & North Korea sanctions lists

1 entry added, 3 entries removed, 121 entries amended on the consolidated list

1 entry has been added to and 3 entries removed from the Russia financial sanctions regime. Furthermore, amendments have been made to entries under the Russia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Libya financial sanctions regimes.

The following entries have been amended under the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regime and remain subject to an asset freeze:

  • Singwang Economics and Trading General Corporation (Group ID: 13427)
  • Weihai World-Shipping Freight (Group ID: 13645)

This follows an update to the UK Sanctions List, enacting the UN’s decision made on 14 September 2022 to amend 2 entries.

3 entries have been removed from the Russia regime and 118 entries amended. The relevant notice can be found here.

Furthermore, 1 amendment has been made under the Libya regime. This entry remains subject to an asset freeze. The relevant notice can be found here.

OFSI’s consolidated list of asset freeze targets has been updated to reflect these changes.

Here is the North Korea notice:

and the Russia notice:


OFSI Notices – North Korea, Russia

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