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August 9, 2022: OFSI corrects Mun Cho’ng-Ch’o’l DPRK listing

On Tuesday, UK regulators corrected the following individual North Korean sanctions listing:

1. CHO'NG-CH'O'L, Mun
Nationality: Democratic People's Republic of Korea Address: C/O Tanchon Commercial Bank, Pyongyang, Saemaeul 1-Dong line, Pyongchon District, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Position: Tanchon Commercial Bank (TCB) official Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):DPR0247 (UN Ref):KPi.012 Mun Cho'ng-Ch'o'l is a TCB official. In this capacity he has facilitated transactions for TCB. Tanchon was designated by the Committee in April 2009 is the main DPRK financial entity for sales of conventional arms, ballistic missiles, and goods related to the assembly and manufacture of such weapons. Listed on: 23/04/2013 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 07/03/2013 Last Updated: 02/08/2022 09/08/2022 Group ID: 12870.


OFSI Notice

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