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State Department Statement on Friday’s OFAC Russia designations

Targeting Russia’s Global Malign Influence Operations and Election Interference Activities



JULY 29, 2022

The Russian Federation has demonstrated determination in its attempts to undermine the democratic processes and institutions essential to the functioning of our democracy and that of other countries.  It is crucial for our democracy, and democracies around the globe, to hold free and fair elections without malign outside interference.

In response, the United States is sanctioning two individuals and four entities that support the Kremlin’s global malign influence operations and election interference activities.  This action is separate and distinct from the broad range of measures the United States and its allies and partners continue to impose on Russia’s economy and financial system in response to its unlawful invasion of Ukraine, which constitutes another clear example of Russia’s disregard for the sovereignty and political independence of other states.

The sanctioned individuals and entities played various roles in Russia’s attempts to manipulate the United States and our allies and partners, including Ukraine. This action follows a series of designations aimed to expose and disrupt Russia’s persistent election interference and destabilization efforts against Ukraine. The United States will continue to act to deter and disrupt these efforts to safeguard our democracy, as well as help protect the democracies of our allies and partners.


State Department Press Release

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