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A slow day at OFSI: 1 amendment each for Belarus, North Korea

Today, UK regulators updated this listing:

1. IL, Pak Chun
DOB: 28/07/1954. Nationality: North Korea Passport Number: 563410091 Position: Served as DPRK Ambassador to Egypt Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): DPR0253 (UN Ref): KPi.029 Pak Chun Il has served as the DPRK Ambassador to Egypt and provides support to KOMID. He concluded his tour of duty and left Egypt on 15 November 2016. Listed on: 09/12/2016 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 30/11/2016 Last Updated: 31/12/2020 07/07/2022 Group ID: 13414.

under the North Korea sanctions program, and this one:

Name non-latin script: ООО “Синезис”
Address: (1) 20B Platonova street, Minsk, Belarus, 220005 (2) Mantulinskaya 24, Moscow, Russia, 123100 Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):BEL0065 (UK Statement of Reasons):JSC Synesis provides the ‘Kipod’ video surveillance system to the Republican System for Monitoring Public Safety. This system is utilised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including by security and police units. JSC Synesis therefore bears responsibility for providing support and technology to the Ministry of Internal affairs that enhances the capacity of the Lukashenko regime to carry out human rights violations and repress civil society following the protests in the aftermath of the August 9 elections. LLC Synesis (“Synesis”), including through its former wholly-owned subsidiary, LLC 24x7 Panoptes (“Panoptes”), has supplied the Kipod Technology (“Kipod”) to the Republic of Belarus for use with the “Republican System for Monitoring Public Safety” (“RSMPS”), which is a video surveillance and monitoring system. The RSMPS is used by the Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the State body authorised to coordinate the use of the RSMPS, and law enforcement agencies, including by security and police units. Kipod is a key part of the RSMPS. The RSMPS, relying on Kipod, has provided the Ministry of Internal Affairs and law enforcement agencies with the capability inter alia, to track down civil society and pro-democracy activists, in order to repress them. Further, that capability has been so used. For example, following the elections on 9 August 2020, Nikolay Dedok, a civil society activist who was in hiding was tracked down by the RSMPS using the Kipod system. He was subsequently detained and tortured. Synesis has therefore been involved in the commission of a serious human rights violation or abuse in Belarus and/or the repression of civil society or democratic opposition in Belarus as Synesis has been responsible for and/or has provided support for, either or both such activities; and/or that Synesis has been involved in the supply to Belarus of technology which could contribute to either or both such activities. (Phone number):00375 1 72 40 36 50 (Website): (Email address): S@synesis.y (Type of Entity): Software Company (Business Reg No): (1) (УНН/ИНН): 190950894 (Belarus), (2) 7704734000/770301001 (Russia) Listed on: 18/12/2020 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 31/12/2020 07/07/2022 Group ID: 14039.

under the Belarus program.


OFSI Notices – North Korea, Belarus

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