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Visa Restrictions for Five Cuban officials

State Department Takes Steps to Impose Visa Restrictions Against Cuban Officials



JUNE 16, 2022Share

The Department of State has taken steps to impose visa restrictions on five Cuban officials pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 5377, which suspends nonimmigrant entry into the United States of officers and employees of the Cuban government.

These five officials are connected to unfair trials and unjust sentencing and imprisonment of peaceful July 11, 2021, protesters.  This announcement of visa restrictions comes in response to the actions of Cuban government officials that deny Cubans their basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The actions build upon previous efforts to promote accountability for Cuban officials who enable the government’s human rights abuses and repressing, including four Treasury Department sanctions actions enacted since July 11, and the Department’s November 30, 2021, and January 6, 2022, announcements of steps to impose visa restrictions. These steps underscore our commitment to supporting the Cuban people.


State Department Press Release

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