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Daylight Savings fail….

Oops… so, as you may have noticed, I post stuff from Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA fraud notices), the Department of Justice (AML & some sanctions indictments, pleas and verdicts and the like), and the occasional guidance document well after the day of release. I tend to do this so you always have something new to read- even when I am too busy with my “day job” to post between 9 & 5, or if there is actually a lull in goings-on (remember those days??)…

Well, I actually schedule those in advance, and…

I forgot that Daylight Savings time moved all the scheduled posts an hour earlier. Not a big deal, but when I create the Daily Digests for the last few weeks, I probably missed a story each day in the list.

Sorry! Once I get done catching up on what I have pending (lots of DOJ stuff today), I will go and reschedule any stories currently scheduled for before 9 AM Eastern…

Of course, when we “fall back” (November?), this shouldn’t be a problem – if an item posts at 10:30 instead of 9:30, I’ll still catch it.

Again, sorry! On the bright side, at least these weren’t really time-sensitive things like sanctions designations…

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