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March 24, 2022: OFSI adds entity to Cyber sanctions

On Thursdays, OFSI added:

    a.k.a: (1) GNTs RF FGUP TsNIIKhM (2) NIII6 (3) Scientific Research Institute No 6 (4) State Research Centre of the Russian Federation Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Scientific Research Institute for Chemistry and Mechanics (5) TsNIIKhM Address: 16a Nagatinskaya Street, Moscow, Russia. Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):CYB0022 (UK Statement of Reasons):The Central Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics (TsNIIKhM) was responsible for a cyber attack on a petro- chemical company in August 2017. The cyber attack gained remote access to the Safety Instrumented Systems connected to the Industrial Control System of a petrochemical refinery. This shut down the plant for over a week. There is evidence to suggest that the shutdown was inadvertent while TsNIIKhM were attempting to cause a highly dangerous physical consequence through disabling the safety systems, which could have included an explosion. These actions caused economic loss and prejudice to commercial interests and/or was intended to undermine the security and prosperity of a country other than the United Kingdom. (Type of entity): Government-owned technical research institution Listed on: 24/03/2022 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 24/03/2022 Last Updated: 24/03/2022 Group ID: 15044.

to their Cyber sanctions program.


OFSI Notice

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