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Another day, another raft of OFSI changes

79 entries amended on the consolidated list

79 entries have been amended on the consolidated list and remain subject to an asset freeze. 

On 18 March 2022 the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updated the UK Sanctions List on GOV.UK. This list provides details of those designated under regulations made under the Sanctions Act. 

Amendments have been made to entries under the following financial sanctions regimes: BelarusChemical WeaponsCyberRussia and Zimbabwe.

The relevant notices can be found on the respective regime pages.

Further, 2 duplicate entries have also been removed from the Russia financial sanctions regime. The original listings/asset freezes for VOROBIOV, Yuri Leonidovich (Group ID: 13103) and TOKAREVA, Maiya Nikolaevna (Group ID: 14765) continue to apply and only the duplicate listings (Group ID: 14952 and Group ID: 14772) have been removed.

OFSI’s consolidated list of asset freeze targets has been updated to reflect these changes.

OFSI Notices – Russia, Cyber, Belarus, Chemical Weapons, Zimbabwe

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