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SECO adds to various Belarus sanctions (and makes a slew of updates)


16 March 2022 

International sanction 


Updated Sanction Notification

On the 16th, the Federal Council March 2022, a total revision of the “Ordinance on Measures against Belarus” was adopted (RS 946.231.116.9).

In particular, it is prohibited to provide public financing or grants for trade in or investment in Belarus. Other measures in the financial sector concern securities, loans and the receipt of deposits. Transactions with the Central Bank of Belarus are no longer allowed. In addition, listed Belarusian banks are excluded from the international communication network SWIFT. The EAER has therefore adapted the sanction database SESAM (SECO Sanctions Management), which is decisive for Switzerland, and published the adaptation on its website. The change will take effect on the 16th. March 2022 at 12 noon.

Financial intermediaries are required under the provisions of the regulation to implement the prohibitions, block the assets of the sanctioned persons and report the business relationships concerned to SECO. The notification to SECO does not release a financial intermediary from additional clarifications in the event of suspicion in accordance with Art. 6 AMLA and if he cannot clear it out, to immediately report to the Reporting Office for Money Laundering in accordance with Art. 9 of the Money Laundering Act.

Swiss officials have added one entity:

SSID: 20-49903 Name: Dana Astra Spelling variant: a) ЗТАА “Дана Астра” (Belarusian) b) ИООО “Дана Астра” (Russian)
Address: Peter Mstislavets St. 9, pom. 9-13, Minsk, 220076, Belarus
Justification: Dana Astra, previously a subsidiary of Dana Holdings, is one of the main real estate developers and constructors in Belarus. The company received development rights for plots of land and is developing the multifunctional centre “Minsk World”, which is advertised by the company as the biggest investment of its kind in Europe. Individuals reportedly representing Dana Astra maintain close relations with President Lukashenka. Liliya Lukashenka, daughter-in-law of the President, had a high-ranking position in the company. Dana Astra is therefore benefitting from and supporting the Lukashenka regime. Other information: a) Registration number: 191295361 b) Websites:;; c) E-mail address: d) Tel.: +375 (17) 269-32-60; +375 17 269-32-51

to its Belarus financial and travel sanctions program, and amended 28 individual and 25 entity existing listings.

Additionally, they added the following entity:

SSID: 20-51405 Name: Belarus Ministry of Defence

to its export destination sanctions (from what I understand from the translation, and the following entities:

SSID: 20-51419 Name: Belagroprombank
SSID: 20-51422 Name: Bank Dabrabyt
SSID: 20-51425 Name: Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus

to its specialized messaging services (e.g. SWIFT) sanctions.

Note: in the interest of speed, not going to cut, paste and format all the amendments, but the links are below.

Interesting thought: if these actions are related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, why not list them under that program?


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML

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