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No Russian Oil and Gas Down Under

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Please see a correction to the date of commencement to 25 April not 26 April as per the previous email. Apologies for any confusion.

Extension of sanctions on Russia to prohibit the import into Australia of Russian oil and other energy products

Australia will prohibit the import of oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas, coal and other energy products from Russia.

The Autonomous Sanctions (Import Sanctioned Goods—Russia) Designation 2022(the Designation) designates as ‘import sanctioned goods’ for Russia all goods in Chapter 27 of the Combined Australian Customs Tariff Nomenclature and Statistical Classification, including oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas and coal. This document is available on the Australian Border Force website

The Designation will commence on 25 April, 45 days after the Designation was registered on the Federal Register of Legislation on 11 March. This period will allow Australian businesses with existing contracts for the import of relevant goods to comply with the prohibition. 

The Minister for Foreign Affairs made the Designation under subregulation 4A(3) of the Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011.

Should you have any questions, you can contact the Australian Sanctions Office using our online portal, Pax.  


Australian Sanctions Office

Australian Sanctions Office and Transnational Crime Branch | Regulatory Legal Division

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade +61 2 6261 3830

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