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Hidden in yesterday’s OFSI notice… 1 amended South Sudan listing

OFSI has recently been lumping updates to multiple programs into a single notice, while the title of the notice reflects updates to only one program. So, if you don’t read carefully – like Mr. Watchlist didn’t – you miss stuff.

So, in the DRC update yesterday, OFSI also said they updated the DPRK and South Sudan programs. I’ll do the North Korean one later – it’s longer – but here’s the one updated listing for South Sudan:

1. LUETH, Michael Makuei
Title: Minister DOB: --/--/1947. POB: South Sudan a.k.a: (1) LUETH MAKUEI, Michael, Makuei (2) MAKUEI, Michael (3) MAKUEI, Michael, Makuei, Lueth (4) LOWETH, Michael Makue Nationality: (1) Kenya (2) South Sudan (3) Sudan Position: (1) Acting Governor of Southern Leich State (2) Government Spokesperson (3) Minister for Information and Broadcasting (4) Minister of Information, Broadcast, Telecommunication and Postal Services Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): SSU0001 (UK Statement of Reasons): Michael Makuei Leuth has held the position of Minister for Information and Broadcasting since 2013 and has been the public spokesman for the government delegation to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) peace talks. Makuei has obstructed the political process in South Sudan, in particular by obstructing the implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) of August 2015 through inflammatory public statements and obstructing the work of the ARCSS Joint Monitoring Evaluation Committee and the establishment of the ARCSS Transitional Justice Institutions. He has also obstructed the operations of the UN's Regional Protection Force (RPF). Makuei is also responsible for serious violations of human rights, including restrictions on freedom of expression. Since the Revitalised ARCSS was signed (R-ARCSS) in September 2018, Makuei has continued to undermine the prospects for peace in South Sudan. (Gender): Male Listed on: 03/02/2018 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 10/02/2022 03/03/2022 Group ID: 13610.


OFSI Notice

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