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State Department on Japan’s Russia Financial Sanctions

Japan’s Financial Sanctions Against Russia



FEBRUARY 27, 2022Share

I spoke this morning with Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi and our G-7 counterparts, and, together, we reaffirmed that we have never been more fully aligned across the globe to defend and preserve the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine and all states. We stand resolutely together against Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attack. Japan’s announcement today of comprehensive financial sanctions to isolate Russia from the international financial system demonstrates the unity and resolve of the United States, Japan, and other G-7 partners to stop Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. These actions will deny selected Russian banks access to the global SWIFT financial messaging system, impose restrictions on the Bank of Russia, and sanction key Russian leaders, including President Putin. The strong and decisive steps of Prime Minister Kishida and the Government of Japan, together with those of other allies and partners, will impose massive costs on Russia and thwart its ability to wage its war of choice on Ukraine.


State Department Press Release

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