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February 18, 2022: OFSI amends 3 Russia sanctions listings

On Friday, UK regulators made changes to the following 3 individual Russia sanctions listings:

1. YANUKOVYCH, Oleksandr Viktorovych
Name (non-Latin script): александр викторович янукович
2. DOB: 10/07/1973. POB: Yenakiyeve Donetsk, Former USSR Currently Ukraine a.k.a: (1) IANOUKOVYTCH, Aleksandr (2) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexander (3) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexandr (4) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexsandr (5) IANOUKOVYTCH, Olecsandr (6) IANOUKOVYTCH, Oleksandr (7) IANOUKOVYTCH, Olexandr (8) IANOUKOVYTCH, Victorovych (9) IANOUKOVYTCH, Viktorovich (10) IANOUKOVYTCH, Viktorovych (11) IANOUKOVYTCH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Ianoukovytch) (12) IANOUKOVYTCH, Wiktorowytsch (13) IANUKOVYCH, Aleksandr (14) IANUKOVYCH, Alexander (15) IANUKOVYCH, Alexandr (16) IANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr (17) IANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr (18) IANUKOVYCH, Oleksandr (19) IANUKOVYCH, Olexandr (20) IANUKOVYCH, Victorovych (21) IANUKOVYCH, Viktorovich (22) IANUKOVYCH, Viktorovych (23) IANUKOVYCH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Ianukovych) (24) IANUKOVYCH, Wiktorowytsch (25) JANUKOVICH, Aleksandr (26) JANUKOVICH, Alexander (27) JANUKOVICH, Alexandr (28) JANUKOVICH, Alexsandr (29) JANUKOVICH, Olecsandr (30) JANUKOVICH, Oleksandr (31) JANUKOVICH, Olexandr (32) JANUKOVICH, Victorovych (33) JANUKOVICH, Viktorovich (34) JANUKOVICH, Viktorovych (35) JANUKOVICH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Janukovich) (36) JANUKOVICH, Wiktorowytsch (37) JANUKOVYC, Aleksandr (38) JANUKOVYC, Alexander (39) JANUKOVYC, Alexandr (40) JANUKOVYC, Alexsandr (41) JANUKOVYC, Olecsandr (42) JANUKOVYC, Oleksandr (non-Latin script: Oleksandr Janukovyč) (43) JANUKOVYC, Olexandr (44) JANUKOVYC, Victorovych (45) JANUKOVYC, Viktorovich (46) JANUKOVYC, Viktorovych (47) JANUKOVYC, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Janukovyc) (48) JANUKOVYC, Wiktorowytsch (49) JANUKOVYCH, Aleksandr (50) JANUKOVYCH, Alexander (51) JANUKOVYCH, Alexandr (52) JANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr (53) JANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr (54) JANUKOVYCH, Oleksandr (55) JANUKOVYCH, Olexandr (56) JANUKOVYCH, Victorovych (57) JANUKOVYCH, Viktorovich (58) JANUKOVYCH, Viktorovych (59) JANUKOVYCH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Janukovych) (60) JANUKOVYCH, Wiktorowytsch (61) JANUKOWYTSCH, Aleksandr (62) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexander (63) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexandr (64) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexsandr (65) JANUKOWYTSCH, Olecsandr (66) JANUKOWYTSCH, Oleksandr (67) JANUKOWYTSCH, Olexandr (68) JANUKOWYTSCH, Victorovych (69) JANUKOWYTSCH, Viktorovich (70) JANUKOWYTSCH, Viktorovych (71) JANUKOWYTSCH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Janukowytsch) (72) JANUKOWYTSCH, Wiktorowytsch (73) YANUCOVICH, Aleksandr (74) YANUCOVICH, Alexander (75) YANUCOVICH, Alexandr (76) YANUCOVICH, Alexsandr (77) YANUCOVICH, Olecsandr (78) YANUCOVICH, Oleksandr (79) YANUCOVICH, Olexandr (80) YANUCOVICH, Victorovych (81) YANUCOVICH, Viktorovich (82) YANUCOVICH, Viktorovych (83) YANUCOVICH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Yanucovich) (84) YANUCOVICH, Wiktorowytsch (85) YANUCOVYCH, Aleksandr (86) YANUCOVYCH, Alexander (87) YANUCOVYCH, Alexandr (88) YANUCOVYCH, Alexsandr (89) YANUCOVYCH, Olecsandr (90) YANUCOVYCH, Oleksandr (91) YANUCOVYCH, Olexandr (92) YANUCOVYCH, Victorovych (93) YANUCOVYCH, Viktorovich (94) YANUCOVYCH, Viktorovych (95) YANUCOVYCH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Yanucovych) (96) YANUCOVYCH, Wiktorowytsch (97) YANUKOVYCH, Aleksandr (98) YANUKOVYCH, Alexander (99) YANUKOVYCH, Alexandr (100) YANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr (101) YANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr (102) YANUKOVYCH, Olexandr (103) YANUKOVYCH, Victorovych (104) YANUKOVYCH, Viktorovich (105) YANUKOVYCH, Viktorovych (106) YANUKOVYCH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Yanukovych) (107) YANUKOVYCH, Wiktorowytsch (108) YANUKVICH, Aleksandr (109) YANUKVICH, Alexander (110) YANUKVICH, Alexandr (111) YANUKVICH, Alexsandr (112) YANUKVICH, Olecsandr (113) YANUKVICH, Oleksandr (114) YANUKVICH, Olexandr (115) YANUKVICH, Victorovych (116) YANUKVICH, Viktorovich (117) YANUKVICH, Viktorovych (118) YANUKVICH, Viktorovyc (non-Latin script: Viktorovyč Yanukvich) (119) YANUKVICH, Wiktorowytsch (1) IANOUKOVYTCH, Aleksandr, Viktorovich (2) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexander, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexander Viktorovyč Ianoukovytch) (3) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexander, Viktorovich (4) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexandr Viktorovyč Ianoukovytch) (5) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexsandr Viktorovyč Ianoukovytch) (6) IANOUKOVYTCH, Alexsandr, Viktorovich (7) IANOUKOVYTCH, Olecsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olecsandr Viktorovyč Ianoukovytch) (8) IANOUKOVYTCH, Olecsandr, Viktorovich (9) IANOUKOVYTCH, Olexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olexandr Viktorovyč Ianoukovytch) (10) IANOUKOVYTCH, Olexandr, Viktorovich (11) IANUKOVYCH, Aleksandr, Wiktorowytsch (12) IANUKOVYCH, Alexander, Viktorovych (13) IANUKOVYCH, Alexander, Wiktorowytsch (14) IANUKOVYCH, Alexandr, Viktorovych (15) IANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr, Viktorovych (16) IANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr, Wiktorowytsch (17) IANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr, Viktorovych (18) IANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr, Wiktorowytsch (19) IANUKOVYCH, Olexandr, Viktorovych (20) IANUKOVYCH, Olexandr, Wiktorowytsch (21) JANUKOVICH, Aleksandr, Wiktorowytsch (22) JANUKOVICH, Alexander, Viktorovych (23) JANUKOVICH, Alexander, Wiktorowytsch (24) JANUKOVICH, Alexandr, Viktorovych (25) JANUKOVICH, Alexsandr, Viktorovych (26) JANUKOVICH, Alexsandr, Wiktorowytsch (27) JANUKOVICH, Olecsandr, Viktorovych (28) JANUKOVICH, Olecsandr, Wiktorowytsch (29) JANUKOVICH, Olexandr, Viktorovych (30) JANUKOVICH, Olexandr, Wiktorowytsch (31) JANUKOVYCH, Aleksandr, Viktorovich (non-Latin script: Aleksandr Viktorovich Janukovyč) (32) JANUKOVYCH, Alexander, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexander Viktorovyč Janukovyč) (33) JANUKOVYCH, Alexander, Viktorovich (non-Latin script: Alexander Viktorovich Janukovyč) (34) JANUKOVYCH, Alexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexandr Viktorovyč Janukovyč) (35) JANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexsandr Viktorovyč Janukovyč) (36) JANUKOVYCH, Alexsandr, Viktorovich (non-Latin script: Alexsandr Viktorovich Janukovyč) (37) JANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olecsandr Viktorovyč Janukovyč) (38) JANUKOVYCH, Olecsandr, Viktorovich (non-Latin script: Olecsandr Viktorovich Janukovyč) (39) JANUKOVYCH, Olexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olexandr Viktorovyč Janukovyč) (40) JANUKOVYCH, Olexandr, Viktorovich (non-Latin script: Olexandr Viktorovich Janukovyč) (41) JANUKOWYTSCH, Aleksandr, Viktorovich (42) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexander, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexander Viktorovyč Janukowytsch) (43) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexander, Viktorovich (44) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexandr Viktorovyč Janukowytsch) (45) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexsandr Viktorovyč Janukowytsch) (46) JANUKOWYTSCH, Alexsandr, Viktorovich (47) JANUKOWYTSCH, Olecsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olecsandr Viktorovyč Janukowytsch) (48) JANUKOWYTSCH, Olecsandr, Viktorovich (49) JANUKOWYTSCH, Olexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olexandr Viktorovyč Janukowytsch) (50) JANUKOWYTSCH, Olexandr, Viktorovich (51) YANUCOVICH, Aleksandr, Viktorovich (52) YANUCOVICH, Alexander, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexander Viktorovyč Yanucovich) (53) YANUCOVICH, Alexander, Viktorovich (54) YANUCOVICH, Alexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexandr Viktorovyč Yanucovich) (55) YANUCOVICH, Alexsandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Alexsandr Viktorovyč Yanucovich) (56) YANUCOVICH, Alexsandr, Viktorovich (57) YANUCOVICH, Olecsandr, Victorovych (non- Latin script: Olecsandr Viktorovyč Yanucovich) (58) YANUCOVICH, Olecsandr, Viktorovich (59) YANUCOVICH, Olexandr, Victorovych (non-Latin script: Olexandr Viktorovyč Yanucovich) (60) YANUCOVICH, Olexandr, Viktorovich (61) YANUCOVYCH, Aleksandr, Wiktorowytsch (62) YANUCOVYCH, Alexander, Viktorovych (63) YANUCOVYCH, Alexander, Wiktorowytsch (64) YANUCOVYCH, Alexandr, Viktorovych (65) YANUCOVYCH, Alexsandr, Viktorovych (66) YANUCOVYCH, Alexsandr, Wiktorowytsch (67) YANUCOVYCH, Olecsandr, Viktorovych (68) YANUCOVYCH, Olecsandr, Wiktorowytsch (69) YANUCOVYCH, Olexandr, Viktorovych (70) YANUCOVYCH, Olexandr, Wiktorowytsch (71) YANUKVICH, Aleksandr, Wiktorowytsch (72) YANUKVICH, Alexander, Viktorovych (73) YANUKVICH, Alexander, Wiktorowytsch (74) YANUKVICH, Alexandr, Viktorovych (75) YANUKVICH, Alexsandr, Viktorovych (76) YANUKVICH, Alexsandr, Wiktorowytsch (77) YANUKVICH, Olecsandr, Viktorovych (78) YANUKVICH, Olecsandr, Wiktorowytsch (79) YANUKVICH, Olexandr, Viktorovych (80) YANUKVICH, Olexandr, Wiktorowytsch
Nationality: Ukraine Address: Russia. Position: Businessman
Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): RUS0229 (UK Statement of Reasons): Oleksandr Yanukovych’s business activity provides support to the policies and actions of the separatist groups in Donbas. Oleksandr Yanukovych is the beneficiary owner of companies which conduct business in the separatist regions of the Donbas. His property was protected by a sanctioned separatist entity in occupied Donetsk. He also met and negotiated business with a separatist group in the Donbas on at least one occasion. The business activity undertaken by Yanukovych destabilises Ukraine and undermines the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. (Gender): Male Listed on: 06/03/2014 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 14/02/2022 18/02/2022 Group ID: 12896.

3. JAROSH, Petr Grigorievich
DOB: 30/01/1971. a.k.a: (1) HAROSH (2) IAROSH, Petr, Griogorievich (3) IAROSH, Petro, Hryyhorovych (4) JAROSH, Petr, Griogorievich (5) JAROSH, Petro, Hryyhorovych (6) YAROSH, Petr, Griogorievich (7) YAROSH, Petro, Hryyhorovych (8) JAROSH, Petr, Hryyhorovych (9) YAROSH, Petr, Hryyhorovych (10) IAROSH, Petr, Hryyhorovych (11) JAROSH, Petro, Grigorievich (12) YAROSH, Petro, Grigorievich (13) IAROSH, Petro, Grigorievich Nationality: Ukraine Address: The Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine. Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):RUS0108 (UK Statement of Reasons):Former head of the Federal Migration Service office for Crimea. Responsible for the systematic and expedited issuance of Russian passports for the residents of Crimea Listed on: 12/05/2014 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 02/12/2021 18/02/2022 Group ID: 12968.

4. SHYPITSYN, Andrii
Name (non-Latin script): Шипицин, Андрей, Шипіцин Андрей Шипицин
Title: (1) Captain 3rd Rank (2) Captain 2nd Rank DOB: 25/12/1969. POB: Astrakhan, Russia (USSR) a.k.a: (1) SHIPITSIN, Andrei (2) SHIPITSIN, Andrei, Olegovich (3) SHIPITSIN, Andrii (4) SHYPITSYN, Andrei (non-Latin script: Андрій Шипіцин) (5) SHYPITSYN, Andrei, Olegovich Nationality: Russia Position: Commander of the Border Patrol Boat ‘Izumrud’ Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):RUS0214 (UK Statement of Reasons):Commander of the border patrol boat “Izumrud”, 3rd rank captain of the FSB Border Guard Service. He commanded the ship, which participated in the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukrainian ships and their crews on 25 November 2018 and actively participated in the blockade of tugboat “Yani Kapu” and seizure of the armed gunboat “Nikopol” and thus actively contributed to the consolidation of the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula into the Russian Federation, which in turn further undermines the territorial integrity of Ukraine. (Gender):Male Listed on: 15/03/2019 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 16/02/2022 18/02/2022 Group ID: 13781.


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