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February 18, 2022: OFSI amends 2 under Belarus program

On Friday, UK regulators amended the following 2 Belarus sanctions listings:

1. DAMARNACKI, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Name (non-Latin script): ДОМОРНАЦКИЙ, Михаил Александрович ДОМОРНАЦКИЙ a.k.a: (1) DAMARNACKI, Mikhail, Aliaksandravich (non-Latin script: ДАМАРНАЦКI, Мiхаiл Аляксандравiч ДАМАРНАЦКI) (2) DOMARNATSKY, Mikhail, Alexandrovich (3) DOMARNATSKY, Mikhail, Aliaksandravich Nationality: Belarus Position: Head of OMON (‘Special Purpose Police Detachment’) in Gomel/Homyel Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): BEL0023 (UK Statement of Reasons): Mikhail Damarnacki is Commander of the Special Purpose Police Unit of Gomel (OMON). In his role as Commander, Damarnacki bears responsibility for the actions of OMON officers in Gomel. Damarnacki therefore bears responsibility for the serious human rights violations carried out by OMON officers following the election of 9 August, in particular arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment, including torture, of people believed to be peaceful demonstrators (Gender): Male Listed on: 05/10/2020 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 31/12/2020 18/02/2022 Group ID: 13945.

2. EISMONT, Natallia Mikalaeuna Natalia Nikolayevna
Name (non-Latin script): Наталля Мiкалаеўна ЭЙСМАНТ Наталья Николаевна ЭЙСМОНТ DOB: 16/02/1984. POB: Minsk, Former USSR Currently Belarus a.k.a: (1) EISMANT, Natalia, Nikolayevna (non-Latin script: ЭЙСМОНТ , Наталья Николаевна Наталля Мiкалаеўна ЭЙСМАНТ) (2) EISMANT, Natallya, Mikalaeuna (3) EISMANT, Natalya, Mikalaeuna (4) EISMONT, Natalia, Nikolayevna (5) EISMONT, Natallya, Nikolayevna (6) EISMONT, Natalya, Mikalaeuna (7) EISMONT, Natalia Mikalaeuna (8) EISMANT, Natalia Mikalaeuna (9) EISMONT, Natalya, Nikolayevna (10) EISMANT, Natalya, Nikolayevna (11) EISMANT, Natallya, Nikolayevna (12) EISMONT, Natallya, Mikalaeuna Nationality: Belarus Position: Spokesperson/Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):BEL0059 (UK Statement of Reasons): Natalia Eismont was appointed Spokesperson / Press Secretary to President Lukashenko in November 2014. In this role, she has actively supported President Lukashenko throughout the flawed election process surrounding the 9 August 2020 Presidential election. Through her activities and statements, she has supported the repression of civil society and democratic opposition in Belarus and has undermined democracy and the rule of law in Belarus. (Gender):Female Listed on: 06/11/2020 UK Sanctions List Date Designated: 31/12/2020 Last Updated: 16/02/2022 18/02/2022 Group ID: 13993.


OFSI Notice

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