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OFSI amends 1 Venezuela sanctions listing

UK regulators amended the following individual Venezuela sanctions listing:

1. AMOROSO, Elvis Eduardo
DOB: 04/08/1963. POB: Caracas, Venezuela a.k.a: HIDROBO AMOROSO, Elvis, Eduardo Nationality: Venezuelan National Identification no: V-7659695 Address: Venezuela. Position: (1) Comptroller General and President of Venezuela’s Moral Council (2) Former Vice President of the National Constituent Assembly Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): VEN0029 Date designated on UK Sanctions List: 31/12/2020 (UK Statement of Reasons): Amoroso has repeatedly undermined democracy in Venezuela, undermined the rule of law and violating the right to freedom of speech. His very appointment as Comptroller General and his role in setting up the ANC amount to a serious undermining of the democratic process, constitution, and democratic institutions in Venezuela. Additionally, while Second Vice President of the ANC, he contributed to the political persecution of Freddy Guevara and Juan Pablo Guanipa, further undermining democracy. Former First and Second Vice-President of the non-recognised National Constituent Assembly (ANC). Lead the non-recognised ANC, signing the ‘law against hatred’, justifying the removal of a legally-elected opposition governor and banning Juan Guaido from running for any public office. (Gender): Male Listed on: 30/06/2020 Last Updated: 02/02/2022 04/02/2022 Group ID: 13844.


OFSI Notice

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