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Notice to exporters 2022/02: changes to export licensing statistics


NTE 2022/02: changes to export licensing statistics

Published 28 January 2022

The strategic export controls: licensing statistics (official statistics) and strategic export controls reports and statistics website (searchable database) are undergoing some changes. This is in the lead up to publication of data covering 1 July to 30 September 2021 (quarter 3).

The changes result largely from the introduction of data on Standard Individual Export Licences (SIELs) processed by the new licensing system, LITE. This is being used by a small number of beta users.

The changes are:

1. Official Statistics covering Q3 of 2021 will be released on Friday 11 February. This is slightly later than usual and is due to the complexity in consolidating data from the 2 licensing systems.

2. Some data from the 29 licences processed in LITE for Q3 2021 will be unavailable in the searchable database. We are currently considering how we might be able to resolve the issue.

The following types of data will be missing in relation to these licences:

a. SIEL end-user types – information for Q3 2021 will be incomplete

b. firearm quantities – information for Q3 2021 will be incomplete. The data will be available on the official statistics outputs

c. processing times – information for Q3 2021 may be incomplete, you may need to refer to the official statistics outputs

3. The official statistics outputs (strategic export controls: licensing statistics) will see some changes:

a. the PDF country pivot report has been discontinued, and the data will be published in more accessible formats. PDF country pivot reports covering periods prior to Q3 2021 will continue to be updated until further notice but will in due course be replaced with accessible formats

b. tables A to H will be simplified, but will remain available in a tabular, machine-readable format

Additionally, some licensing information from 2015 will be revised on the searchable database. This follows the correction of a system anomaly that was causing some omissions in the list of destinations that incorporation SIELs were ultimately destined for. The revised data will match the official statistics outputs, which did not have these omissions.


Notice to exporters 2022/02

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