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Busy day today… let’s start with the UK Consolidated List changes

Updates to OFSI’s Consolidated List

The new version of the Consolidated List has been published.

Ahead of the formal changeover, there will be a 3-week period where you will be able to view both the old and new formats of the Consolidated List simultaneously.

This period will last from Monday 31 January to Monday 21 February 2022.

Guidance on the new Consolidated List is available on GOV.UK.

A new version of UK Sanctions List has also been published on GOV.UK.

From the change notice:

  1. The new version of the Consolidated List is not published in the .xls format. The other six existing formats (CSV, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLSX, XML,) of the Consolidated List have been retained. The Consolidated List search tool has also been retained.
  2. A new Group Type is being introduced to accompany the two existing types (Individual and Entity): Ship.
  3. Seven new fields are being introduced:
    • i. Alias Quality
    • ii. Non-Latin Script Alias
    • iii. Non-Latin Script Type
    • iv. Non-Latin Script Language
    • v. Passport Number. The Passport Details field has been split into two fields: Passport Number and Passport Details.
    • vi. National Identification Details. The National Identification No. field has been split into two fields: National Identification No. and National Identification Details.
    • vii. UK Sanctions List Date Designated

7. Some content will be amended to reflect changes to the UK Sanctions List made by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

8. The content of the Alias Type field has changed. The contents will now be one of: Primary Name; Primary Name Variation; AKA; FKA

9. The Consolidated List of Investment Ban Targets has also changed. None of the new fields have been populated. None of the existing fields’ content has changed.

10. A new format guide has been published to accompany the new Consolidated List. The new format guide includes an updated table listing and describing each Consolidated List field; a new table showing which Consolidated List and UK Sanctions List fields are related; and descriptions of, and updated schemas for, each format of the Consolidated List. A link to the new format guide can be found below.


OFSI Change Notice

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