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EU Statement on Belarus treatment of political prisoners

Belarus: Statement by the Spokesperson on the political prisoners 

Brussels, 27/01/2022 – 15:54, UNIQUE ID: 220127_13Statements by the Spokesperson

The number of political prisoners in Belarus has now reached 1000, and continues to grow. This shameful milestone reflects ongoing crackdown of the Lukashenko regime against his own population. In addition, many thousands of protestors have fled the country to avoid persecution. 

In today’s Belarus, the space for democratic political opposition and free and independent media activities has been drastically closed off . The Lukashenko regime continues detaining and imprisoning people in appalling conditions, exposing them to ill-treatment and torture and have them condemned to long prison sentences in political trials conducted behind closed doors.

Legally defending political prisoners has become dangerous, with more than 40 lawyers reported to have their licenses revoked.

Belarus must adhere to its international commitments and obligations within the UN and OSCE. The EU reiterates its demand for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. The EU will continue to work for justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators.


EU Statement

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