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Another Day, Another UK sanctions review

Yesterday, the UK issued its first annual sanctions report. Today, it’s their annual counter terror regulatory review – I’m guessing this replaces the one that was focused on the Terrorist Asset Freezing etc Act 2010 (TAFA).

Here are the conclusions from the report:

  1. The UN obligations implemented by the 2019 Regulations are unchanged and the Minister considers the regime remains appropriate for the purpose of implementing those obligations.
  2. The Minister considers that carrying out the non-UN purposes of the 2019 Regulations continues to meet one or more of the conditions set out in paragraph (a) to (i) of section 1(2) of the Sanctions Act.
  3. The Minister considers that the 2019 Regulations are still appropriate for those purposes, that there are good reasons to pursue those purposes, and that the imposition of sanctions is a reasonable course of action in support of those purposes.
  4. The policy intention is that sanctions remain in place to further the prevention of terrorism, in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, and in the interests of national security, and comply with relevant UN obligations under UNSCR 1373.
  5. In order for the above to be realised, the threat to the UK and its international partners from terrorism would need to be deemed to be substantially diminished.

It’s a quick read – 5 pages. Link below, of course.


Counter-Terrorism (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 Annual Review

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