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Australia adds anti-corruption, human rights and cyber autonomous sanctions

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The Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011 have been amended to establish thematic sanctions regimes in relation to serious violations or serious abuses of human rights, serious corruption and significant cyber incidents. The new sanctions regimes commenced on 21 December 2021.


The Government can now consider possible listings. The Minister for Foreign Affairs has discretion to list a person or entity when in the national interest, following the agreement of the Attorney-General and consultation with any other Ministers as appropriate.


The new sanctions regime gives effect to the Australian Government’s responseto the December 2020 report of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (JSCFADT) inquiry into the use of sanctions to target human rights abuses, ‘Criminality, corruption and impunity: Should Australia join the Global Magnitsky movement?’.


Further details are on DFAT’s sanctions webpage: Australia and sanctions | Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (


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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade | DFAT Sanctions website | DFAT Consolidated List

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