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Remember, there’s more to Mr. Watchlist than just these blog posts….

Mr. Watchlist does maintain a range of resource pages, including links to many regulatory lists (primarily sanctions lists, of course), legislation & regulation, general licenses, guidance and advisory documents, and enforcement actions, There’s also a reasonably up-to-date calendar of upcoming industry events.

Of course, on a personal note, I also have a Publications page with all my published pieces…

If you find a broken link, or can’t find what you are looking for, please let me know – there is a contact page here, too. Happy to add it, as long as it’s on-topic. There are things I do shy away from – anti-bribery and corruption enforcements, export control for the most part, court cases and related law enforcement – but always happy to consider your requests.

Last thing: I do not claim that these pages are either comprehensive or up-to-the-minute current. Remember, this is my “hobby” – I have a day job. I’ve maintained Mr. Watchlist for about 8 years now – it keeps me informed and sharp when I talk to others in the industry. It is not intended to act as a reference site – although I am flattered by those who treat it that way.

Thanks for your continued readership!

Mr. Watchlist

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