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As promised by State… OFAC makes PEESA designations

As announced in yesterday’s press release from the State Department, today OFAC has designated the following entity:

TRANSADRIA LTD, Evagora Pallikaridi, 11, Argaka, Paphos 8873, Cyprus (Greek: Ευαγόρα Παλληκαρίδη, 11, Αργάκα, Πάφος 8873, Cyprus); Registration Number HE 418991 (Cyprus) [PEESA-EO14039]. 

and cargo vessel:

MARLIN (UBNV2) Offshore Support Vessel Russia flag; Vessel Registration Identification IMO 9396854 (vessel) [PEESA-EO14039] (Linked To: TRANSADRIA LTD). 

under its PEESA sanctions authority (part of the Ukraine/Russia-related program).


OFAC Notice

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