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SECO also adds 3 to their Yemen sanctions (as per UN 2140 Committee)


10 November 2021 International sanction 2021

Updated sanctions report

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) has amended the annex to the Ordinance of 5. December 2014 on measures against Yemen (RS 946.231.179.8) published.By order of the 9th On November 11, 2021, the responsible UN Sanctions Committee amended the list of persons, companies and organizations sanctioned in this context. The change is directly applicable in Switzerland. SECO therefore on the 10th November 2021, the SESAM (SECO Sanctions Management) sanctions database, which is relevant for Switzerland, was adapted and the adaptation published on its website.

Financial intermediaries are invited to block the corresponding assets immediately and to report such business relationships to SECO in accordance with the provisions of the regulation. The notification to SECO does not exempt a financial intermediary from immediately reporting to the Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Office in accordance with Article 9 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act if conditions are met.

Swiss authorities have added the following persons:

SSID: 85-46458 Name: Saleh Mesfer Saleh Al Shaer
POB: Al Safrah, Sa'dah Governorate, Yemen Low quality a.k.a.: a) Saleh Mosfer Saleh al Shaer b) Saleh Musfer Saleh al Shaer c) Saleh Mesfer al Shaer d) Saleh al Shae e) Saleh al Sha’ir f) Abu Yasser Address: Yemen Nationality: Yemen Identification document: a) Passport No. 05274639, Yemen, Date of issue: 7 Oct 2013, Expiry date: 7 Oct 2019 b) Passport No. 00481779, Yemen, Date of issue: 9 Dec 2000, Expiry date: 9 Dec 2006 c) ID card No. 1388114, Yemen d) ID card No. 10010057512, Yemen
Justification: Designation : Major General, ‘Judicial Custodian’ of properties and funds owned by Houthis’ opponents Other information: As Houthi ‘Assistant Minister of Defence for Logistics’, assisted the Houthis in acquiring smuggled arms and weapons. As ‘Judicial Custodian’ directly involved in the widespread and unlawful appropriation of assets and entities owned by private individuals under arrest by the Houthis or forced to take refuge outside of Yemen. Physical Description: Eye Colour: Brown; Hair: Grey; Complexion: Medium; Build: Slim; Height (ft/in): Unknown; Weight (lbs): Unknown; and Clan: Member of the Hashid tribal confederacy. INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice web link available. Modifications: Listed on 9 Nov 2021

SSID: 85-46485 Name: Muhammad Abd Al-Karim Al-Ghamari
DOB: 1979 POB: Izla Dahen, Wahha District, Hajjar Directorate, Yemen Low quality a.k.a.: Mohammad Al-Ghamari Address: Yemen Nationality: Yemen
Justification: Designation: Major General, Houthi Chief of General Staff Other information: a) Houthi Military Chief of General Staff, plays the leading role in orchestrating the Houthis’ military efforts that are directly threatening the peace, security and stability of Yemen, including in Marib, as well as cross-border attacks against Saudi Arabia. INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice web link available. b) Low quality a.k.a.: Mohammad Al-Ghamari born 1984 Modifications: Listed on 9 Nov 2021

SSID: 85-46496 Name: Yusuf Al-Madani
Title: Major General DOB: 1977 POB: Muhatta Directorate, Hajjah Province, Yemen Address: Yemen Nationality: Yemen
Justification: Designation: Commander of the Houthi’s Fifth Military Region Other information: A prominent leader of Houthi forces and commander of forces in Hudaydah, Hajjah, Al Mahwit, and Raymah, Yemen – threatening the peace, security, and stability of Yemen. As of 2021, Al-Madani was assigned to the offensive targeting Marib. INTERPOL- UN Security Council Special Notice web link available. Modifications: Listed on 9 Nov 2021

to their Yemen sanctions program, as added previously by the United Nations 2140 Sanctions Committee.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML

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