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New Export Control Joint Unit training bulletin published

Hello exporter,

The Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) has published an updated list of training events for strategic export controls.

These events cater for:

  • companies of all sizes, from the sole trader to multinationals
  • a wide range of knowledge levels
  • different learning paths

Attached you will find the training booklet and here is where you will find the updated training page. 

Kind Regards

Export Control Joint Unit

Now, there are two versions of their training document – the HTML is organized by location and runs from September through next April, while the Word doc (which has the wrong dates on the title page) is from November through April, and includes course descriptions and other descriptive detail.

I will put the dates on the calendar that aren’t already there.


ECJU Export Control Compliance Training page

Export control training bulletin 2021 – HTML (Sept. 2021-Apr. 2022), Word (Sept.-Dec. 2021)

Export control training booking form

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